Thursday, January 10, 2008

Google Advices to Save Energy in Holidays

Well this is the first post in this blog and i would like to review this post of

Official Google Blog:
Here's a suggestion for everyone to save energy over the holidays (and at other times!): turn off your computer and monitor or put them into "sleep" mode when you're not using them.

Why? The typical desktop PC uses 100-200 watts even when it's idle. That's the equivalent of 1-2 bright incandescent (read: inefficient) light bulbs. (Note: new PCs that comply with the latest Energy Star specifications consume less than 50-60 watts when idle.)

You wouldn't leave your car running for hours when it's just sitting there. Most of us wouldn't leave a bright light bulb burning for hours when no one is nearby to need the light. So why leave your computer on?

If you're leaving your office for the holidays, turn off your PC. If it consumes 100 watts, that will save 2.4 kWh/day, or over 25 kWh for the next 11 days through January 1st. In California, that will stop about 40 kg of CO2 from being put into the air, and save about $2.50. For every 1 million people who do this, that will stop 40,000 tonnes (metric tons) of CO2 from being emitted, and save $2.5 million. In many areas, it will reduce emissions even further, and save even more money.
Wow so much information i was not knowing about it, certainly this post is a pleasent surprise from the google blog, as we all know that our resources are very limited and the way we are spending them there are less chances that these natural resources will even last some 100 years. I hope google as the world's biggest internet company would undertake some serious project over this cause it has the most powerful and influential company online...

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