Thursday, January 10, 2008

Google help Norad in Tracking Santa is using google tools to help them track Santa on its Journey

Official Orkut Blog
NORAD will use Google Maps to track several hundred of Santa's stops in over 200 countries and territories, and will embed videos of Santa's stops captured on their Santa Cams on the Google Map and post the videos on the NORAD Tracks Santa YouTube channel.

Want to see more of Santa? NORAD will also provide a downloadable Santa Tracker file to track several thousand of Santa's stops in Google Earth. Santa's visits are only a few seconds long, and then -- poof, he's off to the next location. Click on the gift icons in Google Maps or Google Earth to learn more about the cities that Santa visits.
This is the best use of softwares i have seen till now, have we ever thought on planning this on our trips, may be now we can use them for our effective holidays. We have mostly use these softwares like Google Earth for fun only but even for planning the journey etc serious uses make these software more important. And about the post, The videos are awesome and a must see and thanks to norad for undertaking such a mass project not everybody can do it.

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